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Nowadays, we often find ourselves alone for many reasons. For example, when we move to a different town and don’t know anyone there. Or when our friends start a family and we gradually lose touch with them. We may feel alone after we go through a divorce or break up. Our close friends may not share our hobbies or be busy when we feel like doing something fun. And sometimes we just want to meet new people and broaden our horizons. But where to find new friends and how to mingle with them? How not to be alone when we really feel like doing something exciting?

You don’t have to be alone unless you really want to.

Gettpal is an online social network where you find new buddies for your offline activities in real life.

Gettpal helps to create links between cool and optimistic people who want to do something fun together. You don’t have to be afraid to meet new people and “strangers”. At each meet-up, there is a Gettpal team member who helps you fit in and makes sure that everything goes smoothly and in line with our philosophy. Gettpal team actively ensures safety in the community, that’s why only people with verified profiles can join. Once there is a problem in the community, our philosophy gets breached or when a member is harassed, Gettpal team immediately steps in. This is how we keep Gettpal safe, so that users can trust each other and meet new friends without any worries.

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We take it personally and help you break the ice

Gettpal makes meeting new people easy and helps you fit in. At Gettpal events, everyone is welcomed and introduced to other Gettpalers. No need to worry, really. Feel free to attend our events on your own. You will definitely leave feeling great and with many new friends. Gettpal is about people and for people. It is personal. Our community members will be happy to take care of you at each event. Gettpal currently has more than 120 volunteers working as ambassadors who create friendly atmosphere at each of our events. They will be happy to take care of you as well.

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Gettpal is not a simple dating site and our rules do not allow you to ask another Gettpaler for a date. Nevertheless, Gettpal is one of the most natural forms of meeting new people. Getting to know each other when you do the same activity and behave naturally works great when you want to meet new friends. And that’s the charm. Apart from friendships, you can find true love in the most natural way.

Company History

Gettpal was founded in 2015 as a private facebook group by Robert Uhrín and Peter Végh. They were motivated by real life situations and an existing problem they saw. Since 2015, Gettpal has been established in 5 European cities with more than 20,000 members. We have organized dozens of events of variable sizes and helped enormous number of people to meet up. Now it’s time to take another step forward. This step is a mobile app that will include many more features than a facebook group. Gettpal community will soon have its new online home.

“Our mission is to establish Gettpal everywhere where we can bring joy to people and help them find new friends. Invest in Gettpal and help us create a world where no one has to be alone ever again.”

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Gettpal Founder
Robert Uhrín
Founder & CEO
- Co-founder and board member of IAR SR SpA., which built and put into operationparking house Zvolen West with a market value of 3.5 million. EUR
- Co-founder and Chairman of UNITEUS SpA, a technology startup focused on web development of UNITEUS Social Cloud application
- Startup Advisor in start up studio Launcher that helps young startups
Peter Vegh Cofounder Gettpal
Peter Végh
Co-Founder & CTO
- Co-founder of several innovative companies, such as the largest tissue bank in Central and Eastern Europe focused on osteo-articular tissues and software company focused on the creation of puzzle games, which has achieved more than thirty million downloads with very active user base
Monika Moravcikova Gettpal Team
Monika Moravcikova
Head Community Manager
Janka Sobotova
Head Event Manager
Diana Geriova Gettpal Team
Diana Geriova
Head Ambassador

Investment Info

100% financed
30,100 invested
73 investors
Bratislava, Slovakia
minimum amount subscribed: EUR 100.00
maximum amount subscribed: EUR 5000.00
contract period:
5 years
base interest rate: 4.5%
appreciation interest rate: on maturity date
Incentives for your investment
100 Investment

Cover photo bagde in Gettpal App, Gettpal bracelet, 1 Gettpal party entry for 7Eur.

200 Investment

SupporterPal + Hall of fame membership in Gettpal App + 2 Gettpal party entries for 14Eur.

500 Investment

SupporterPal + StarPal + Supporter account in Gettpal App with premium functions for 48Eur, 4 Gettpal party entries for 28Eur.

1,000 Investment

SupporterPal + StarPal + MegaPal + Meeting with founders and other MightyPals, 10 Gettpal party entries for 70Eur.

2,500 Investment

SUpporterPal + StarPal + MegaPal + MightyPal + Dinner with founders

Company Info
5 Employees
2015 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 500,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: Gettpal s.r.o. (company register number: 50 516 272)

Contact Information

Gettpal s.r.o.
Tomášikova 13, 821 01, Bratislava, SR
Tel.: +421907080899

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GETTPAL is now running until Christmas!

14. December 2016 by Sarka Nohelova in Gettpal
Thanks to very positive feedback from the community, we are prolonging the Gettpal campaign until 23.12.2016. You still have a chance to invest into this exciting new social network that grew to 20k users in the first year. We are also starting a contest to win an 100Eur investment voucher. To participate invest in Gettpal between […] read more