“In general, we all want to live a better and healthier life. But most people don’t even know anymore, how good they are supposed to feel.”


I Like Tofu is a story about courage, perseverance and personal transformation.  At first, we were just some regular all-eating people who happened to like tofu. But then we wanted something different. We wanted something full of flavor and full of color. Nothing less than to revolutionize the tofu.

So we started peeling, chopping, mixing and grinding. We worked hard to get all the sharpness out of ginger and all the heat out of our chillies. This was followed by a lot of sketching, drawing, coloring, printing and gluing our first packaging prototypes. First three, then five and finally the presently used eight colors.

“The market is completely stuffed up with low-quality products. I have traveled and worked across Europe, worked in best plant based restaurants around and on my path I have discovered only 3 products based on soya, that not only I would recommend, but I have been using them in my professional cooking career. One of them is I Like Tofu. The range is uniquely flavoured and it has a personal touch due to great branding and the extra pinch of passion. I am backing this project, because, we need non-corporate businesses to grow with right products in the right direction. Simply excellent. Absolute favourite: Garam Masala Tofu”

Each of them unique, fresh and organic, inspired from tastes all around the world.

And we put it in colorful and eye-catching packaging so it can be easily spotted on the shelf.

We changed the tofu and tofu changed us. First we stopperd eating meat. Then we took the plant based route. . We started moving again. Maybe it sounds strange, but we believe that tofu made us better people.

Company History

products, eight different flavors of organic tofu, which is being sold under the brand I LIKE TOFU. The brand is currently present in about 100 shops across two markets, Slovenia and Italy, with export representing approximately 80% of all revenue.

With meat consumption-related health concerns growing louder every day, and a plant based diet being named one of the top food trends of 2016, I LIKE TOFU is our answer and contribution. We aim to become one of the flag bearers of this plant-powered revolution.


I LIKE TOFU began with it’s sales in November 2015 in two supermarket chains in Italy and added a bunch of independent stores in Slovenia in the first months of the new year. After winning a customer choice award for the best domestic product in June 2016 we got listed in the biggest Slovenian retailer. At this point we are currently listed in approximately 40 shops nationally and 60 internationally. We already sold about 50.000 pieces of our tofu.



So, at this moment we really wish to take our brand to the next level. For you, our customers and supporters. You gave us motivation and confirmation that our path is right. We would like to add new products, expand to new markets, get new followers and inspire new people to try and experience the beauty of plant power. We believe that I Like Tofu can be much more than just a business idea.



Anja Korenč
Head Designer & Photographer
Bsc. In Media & Communication. The experienced graphic designer and photographer can refer to 4 years of experience in the field of creation, packaging and design of visual content in the food industry. The uncompromising esthetician and food enthusiast attends to the marketing of the company.
Matic Batagelj
Bsc. In business, 5 years experience in marketing in the food industry and owner of Fork Brands & Visuals Marketing Agency. The Sport & Food Enthusiast is an enthusiastic triathlete.

Investment Info

129% financed
38,600 invested
31 investors
Ajdovščina, Slowenien

Unternehmenswertbeteiligung: JA, am Laufzeitende
Basiszinssatz: 4,5% (5,5% für Investitionen bis zum 23.6.2017 oder ab EUR 5.000)
Minimaler Zeichnungsbetrag: EUR 100
Maximaler Zeichnungsbetrag: EUR 5.000 (höhere Beträge auf Nachfrage möglich)
Vertragslaufzeit: 6 Jahre
Beteiligungsform: Nachrangdarlehen

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Incentives for your investment
100 Investment
Fleur de Sel

Für Dein Investment bedanken wir uns mit einem gesalzenem Fleur de Sel Package bestehend aus einem Gutschein für eine I Like Tofu Geschmacksrichtung Deiner Wahl, unserem I Like Tofu E-Rezeptbuch mit vielen leckeren Kochideen und einem Set I Like Tofu Badges

300 Investment

Für Dein Investment bedanken wir uns mit dem rauchigen Smoked Package bestehend aus einem Gutschein für zwei I Like Tofu Geschmacksrichtungen Deiner Wahl, unserem I Like Tofu E-Rezeptbuch mit vielen leckeren Kochideen und einem Set I Like Tofu Badges

500 Investment
Ginger Lemon

Das exotisch - intensive Ginger Lemon Package bestehet aus einem Gutschein für 24 I Like Tofu Packungen Deiner Wahl, unserem I Like Tofu E-Rezeptbuch mit vielen leckeren Kochideen, den I Like Tofu Badges und der I Like Tofu Stofftasche

1,000 Investment

Das Mediterranean Package mit italienischem Flair bestehet aus dem Ginger Lemon Package plus unserer besonderen Tamari Soja Sauce. Außerdem bedanken wir uns mit einem Plant Power Squad Running T- shirt.

2,500 Investment
Pesto Basilico

Das erfrischende Pesto Basilico Package bestehet aus dem Ginger Lemon Package plus unserer besonderen Tamari Soja Sauce. Außerdem bedanken wir uns mit einem Plant Power Squad Triathlon Suit.

5,000 Investment
Red Chilli

Das feurig scharfe Chilli Package bestehet aus dem Mediterranean Package plus einem individuellen einjährigen Transformation Course mit Matic inklusive einem maßgeschneiderten Ernährungs- und Sportplan. Ab einem Investment von 5.000 EUR oder mehr profitierst Du zusätzlich von einer 5,5% Basisverzinsung p.a.

Company Info
2 Employees
2015 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 360,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: Avokado d.o.o (company register number: 6812864000)

Contact Information

AVOKADO d.o.o.
Gradišče 26a
5270 Ajdovščina
FB: 6812864000
ID – DDV: SI12833860
T: +386 (0)41 636 239
E: info@iliketofu.eu
W: www.iliketofu.eu

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I like Tofu: Project successfully financed

27. September 2017 by CONDA Crowdinvesting in I LIKE TOFU
With an investment sum of EUR 43.600,- from 45 investors, I like Tofu is delighted about successfully ending its crowdinvesting campaign. The company says thank you to all investors believing in the high potential of more taste, more diversity and more color on the vegan market. The final execution of the financing process with all formal […] read more