“A unique product portfolio, which can attract customers far beyond the national borders – from Japan to the USA – already during the start-up phase. I am absolutely confident in this investment, because upsynth is a regional product with an international power.”

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We are the ones with the noble alpine herbs. We take the original use of wormwood and other alpine herbs and interpret it in a new way. One thing is certain: we provide for a new unprecedented taste experience!

We are proud of our roots and what our region and our land have to offer, thanks to which we can create innovative products. In our production we rely 100% on regional raw materials and competent local bottling companies working in compliance with the strict Austrian food standards using our recipes.

Company History

Inspired by a well-guarded secret recipe from Kasper Wiese, a great-grandfather of the founder Chrisitan Greber, an innovative beverage concept with 3 green products was created. Therefore, our basic idea is deeply rooted in the Alps. The old secret recipe for the use of special alpine herbs served as basis. After several years of development, testing and further development, the new beverage concept was born: upsynth.

The name „upsynth“ derives from the Latin name of wormwood – Artemisia Absinthium. The wormwood and its usage serve as our source of inspiration, which is why our products also contain the “Essence of the Alps”.

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After first successful placements of the spirit and further investments in the product development, in 2011 the brand and the product matured to the point that upsynth GmbH  was founded. At the same time, the initiators found further investors – current upsynth shareholders, comprising 8 reputable companies from Austria and Germany.

Since the company foundation in 2011 we can record a rapid growth and are now placed in the most important sales channels in food retail, wholesale and catering trade. The focus in 2016 is on the nationwide sales in the DACH region and on the marketing and media promotion of Alpsider.


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Christian Greber
Company founder / managing partner
Christian Greber is since 1980 an independent entrepreneur at “Greber Gastronomie GmbH & Co.KG”, since 1988 at Bregenz leading company “Burgrestaurant Gebhardsberg” restaurant. www.greber.cc
Since 2001, he is a managing partner at “Furore Handelsgesellschaft GmbH” – a start-up business dedicated to the finest Austrian enjoyment. www.furore.at
Since 2011 he is an executive partner at “upsynth GmbH”.
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Mag. Christian Gerhalter
Authorized officer & "man of the first hour"
After studying int. Economics/Innsbruck and Halifax/Canada, he worked at “Zumtobel Leuchten” and “Hilti AG” companies in the sphere of group tax, marketing & human resources as well as customer dialogue management.
Since 2008 he was in charge of brand and product development at “Furore” and “upsynth”.
Since 2011 he is an authorized officer at “upsynth”.
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Daniela Österle
Executive assistant / sales support
After completing the business school (with honors), Daniela worked for two years in catering management at mountain inn “Berggasthof Elsenalpstube” in Damüls. At the same time, she was obtaining an internationally recognized education as a wine expert.
Since November 2015, Daniela is an executive assistant at “upsynth” and is also in charge of the internal sales service.
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Lothar Klein
Sales Manager Eastern Austria
Lothar Klein was an event manager at Vienna Stock Exchange for 10 years and then an area sales manager for Eastern Austria at “Bacardi Martini” for 14 years.
Since February 2016 he has been an area sales manager for Eastern Austria at “upsynth” and enriches the “upsynth” team with his many-year sales experience.
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Marvin Wertz
Sales Manager Germany
After a successful study of business management at Darmstadt Institute, Marvin worked for “Doc Weingart Active Drink” and “V-Mac Spirituosen” for 6 years. Then he was a key account manager at „Innovations Solutions Automotive” for a year. Since October 2015, Marvin has been ensuring a growth in sales figures as an area sales manager for Germany at “upsynth”.

Investment Info

798% financed
399,000 invested
353 investors
Götzis, Austria
Incentives for your investment
500 Investment

As a thank-you, you will receive
6 bottles of Alpsider Piccolo
+ 12 cans of Herbal Energy drink

1,000 Investment

As a thank-you, you will receive
1 Tray of Alpsider Piccolo
+ 1 Tray of Herbal Energy drink

2,500 Investment

As a thank-you, you will receive
1 Tray of Alpsider Piccolo
+ 1 Tray of Herbal Energy drink
+ 1 exklusive Thermo drinking bottle
+ 1 bottle of Alpsinth 55 200 ml
+ 1 bottle of Alpsinth 33 700 ml

4,000 Investment

As a thank-you, you will receive
1 Tray of Alpsider Piccolo
+ 1 Tray of Herbal Energy drink
+ 1 exklusive Thermo drinking bottle
+ 1 bottle of Alpsinth 55 200 ml
+ 1 bottle of Alpsinth 33 700 ml
+ 6 exklusive shotglasses

Company Info
5 Employees
2011 Founded

Participation Type: Subordinated Dept
Minimum amount subscribed: 100€
Company value before shares: 1,800,000€
Maximum amount subscribed: 5,000€
Company name: upsynth GmbH (company register number: FN 362857p)

Contact Information

upsynth GmbH
Hans-Berchtold Straße 52
A-6840 Götzis
05574 /489830