„There is one thing missing in the dynamically growing beauty market: Individuality“

Quote of Oksana from crowdinvesting project Alpstories

There are thousands of beauty products, but none of them are made specially for the needs of your individual skin. Every skin is as unique as the human inside. More and more people are longing for a tailormade skincare. AlpStories is taking these needs seriously.

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We want to enable our customers, to order their tailormade beauty products easily online using a smartphone or computer.

Our unique „Beauty-Wizard“ function enables our customers to create their own, individual products combining 100 % natural, organic ingridients with different essenzes, scents and additives.

Face creams with calming almond oil, relaxing massage oils with jojoba oil or body milk with ginkgo extracts – our „Beauty-Wizard“ is servicing every unique need and creating every unique product. Besides, the customers can choose the package size.

Resellers are able to produce their own label in just a few easily steps and sell our products under their own name.

AlpStories is already successfully producing and selling a number of natural cosmetics:

Moisturizing face cream

Velvet body lotion

Relaxing massage oil

Refreshind shower gel

Nourishing body oil

Strenghing shampoos or

Silky conditioner.



We are selling our natural beauty products worldwide through our webshop as well as at boutiques, pharmacies and retailers in Slovenia and Croatia.

Our vision

Tailor-made beauty products for everyone! Currently we are testing different mini-skin scanners to offer you a simple application use in order to analyze your own skin anywhere. A special developed App will suggest you an optimal combination of active components to create your tailor-made skin care for your individual skin.

„With passion and dedicated to innovation we found a way to offer our custumers the ultimative, individual beauty expirience.“

quote icon Daniel from crowdinvesting project Alpstories


M.sc. Daniel Hubman
Founder/CEO, has more than 25 years of experience in direct-marketing and is a former member of one oft the biggest direct-marketing companies in CEE.
M.sc. Oksana Lipitska
Co-Founder/ CMO, is looking back on already seven years in challenging beauty marketing. At AlpStories Oksana is responsible for Social Media, CRM and Marketing
Tanja Kostomaj
CTO, is mainly responsible fort he perfect match of all active components, textures, formulas, the labeling and design as well as administrative tasks.
M.Sc. Aleksandra Bohorc
Financial Advisor
Aleksandra has 17 years of experience in finance, especially for the sensitive field of start-ups.
Peter Gospodaric
Co-Investor, CSO, is responsible for the successful sales-activities and brings more than 12 year experience in the FMCG-industry.
Manja Hubman
Head of Social & Community
Head of Social & Community, takes care of the comprehensivly communication work with all our community partners.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
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The Marigold Beauty

With the sweet and refreshing scent of the marigold you feel like laying on a summer meadow. Of course, a natural shower oil must not be missing. We thank you for your investment with an AlpStories Beauty Oil with Marigold essences.

500 Investícia
Ginkgo Package

The refreshing scent of Ginko gives your skin a velvety soft feeling. For your investment we thank you with an AlpStories Shower oil and a soothing Beauty oil of your choice.

1 000 Investícia
Pomegranate Package

The fruity fragrance of pomegranate refreshes your everyday life. In addition to an individualized Shower oil and the soothing Beauty oil you get a 5% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

2 500 Investícia
Rosemary - Verbena Package

The combination of the fruity smell of irony and the Mediterranean aroma of rosemary provides a distinctive smell. For your support, we would like to thank you with a customized AlpStories product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty oil and a face cream. You also get a 7.5% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

5 000 Investícia
Sweet Lavander Package

The popular scent of lavender with a delicate addition of vanilla soothes and gives a fresh feeling. For your support we send you a customized product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty Oil and a face cream. We also thank you for your Investment with a 10% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

10 000 Investícia
AlpStories Special Edition Aloe Vera Package

Aloe vera has been used through centuries by doctors as well as beauticians to rejuvenate, heal, cure, and beautify. For your support we send you a customized product set consisting of a Shower oil, Beauty oil and a face cream as well as an aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner. We also thank you for your support with a 15% discount on your future purchases in our AlpStories shop.

(Amounts over 5.000 EUR can be pledged by means of a subscription agreement. Please contact us for further information via email at investor@conda.at)

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Typ účasti: Substanzgenussrecht
Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Hodnota spoločnosti pred rozdelením akcií: 2 750 000€
Maximálna suma investície: 5 000€
Názov firmy: VASTOK d.o.o. (IČO: 6423442000)

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