LCT GesmbH light & concrete technology brings together concrete, light and plastic in an innovative patented way. This makes the complex translucent concrete product easy to use for end consumers all around the globe.

„Invest now in the Austrian world market leader in translucent concrete!“

Zitat von Ing. Dieter Christandl, CEO von LCT

LCT GesmbH from the Austrian region of Styria has developed and patented a globally unique method to make translucent concrete, usually a very expensive product, affordable and easy to use for private persons, companies and public contractors through industrial manufacturing. It combines light, concrete and plastic technology to manufacture products such as translucent concrete slabs, kerbstones or façade elements. SCC of finest quality, together with an ingenious processing and manufacturing formula, produce the desired symbiosis of concrete, plastic and LED light. This makes such a highly complex product simple and easy to use for everybody.

Abbildung Gebäude mit Lichtbeton, LCT

Housing project Temmel in Gleisdorf, Austria.

Brilliantly simple and environmentally friendly
Apart from its easy use, reduced energy consumption for the sake of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency and thus cost reduction also speaks in favour of the LCT solution. The company is currently world market leader with its globally patented translucent concrete. Taking just the smart cities industry, LCT expects excellent opportunities there as it bears an enormous market potential for the next years.

História firmy

The LCT success story began in 2005, when the basic patent for façade elements was obtained. The four owners joined forces in the following years and founded LCT GesmbH light & concrete technology in 2010. The years after were used intensively for product and strategy development as well as market research. Numerous further patent approvals were another decisive factor. In this respect, the Styrian company competed successfully against a project team of 70 people from its then main competitor Italcementi based in Bergamo, Italy. In 2015, LCT was able to start industrial production of its patented translucent concrete.

Crowdinvesting-Projekt LCT

Translucent façad of LCT

Styrian expertise, global market
The company headquarters are located in Wünschendorf 230 in 8200 Hofstätten an der Raab in the district of Weiz, Styria, Austria. In the course of its further expansion, LCT plans to increase its workforce to 40 employees, mainly technicians, project staff, R&D and sales staff in Gleisdorf. Despite operating at a global level, LCT wishes to keep value creation in Austria. In order to optimally serve the international market, another branch is planned for North America, while a subsidiary company (Jumeirah Bay X2) is being created in Dubai. Both delegations shall ensure the best possible on-site project support. Apart from the Arab countries, the company also focuses especially on developing the East African and European markets.

Entrance to the office of our subsidiary in Dubai

“Due to the predominant climate in Northern Europe and the Baltic area, LED lighting systems will still be a top priority in this region.”

Florence Korhonen, LCT

LCT features an impressive flagship project in Saudi Arabia. The Styrian company made the concrete of the Saudi Royal Palace in Jeddah shine.

In order to keep pace with international demand, the involvement of the CONDA crowd investors is a logical step. This shall accelerate the development of the company, while taking investors along the road to growth.

Crowdinvesting-Projekt LCT zu Besuch bei Prinz von Saudi-Arabien

Ing. Dieter Christandl, His Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Khalid Bin Abdullah, Alexander Haider, CSE and Jürgen Badawi

“I am very proud of working with LCT GesmbH, as I have never seen a company before that has gained a foothold on the market so quickly, doing business with reputable contacts in Jeddah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

Jürgen Badawi, LCT


CEO des Crowdinvesting-Projektes LCT, Ing. Christandl
Ing. Dieter Christandl
Ing. Dieter Christandl is constuctional engineer and owner of the construction company "Marko". Dieter holds more than 20 years of experience in concrete technology and is in charge for technology transfer and quality management. He is an expert with a strong focal point on constructions aboveandbelowground. At LCT GesmbH he is in authority for production, purchasing, technology transfer and product development.
Alexander Haider, CSE/CEO des Crowdinvesting-Projektes LCT
Alexander Haider, CSE
Alexander Haider is an internationally experienced sales specialist with focus on light- and electro industry, construction and DYI-markets. He speaks four languages und was several times rewarded as Manager of the Year in Canada and France. Due to his career in international corporations ( e.g. as group purchase manager for Baumax Group, Rexel Gruppe etc.) he has a global network. Alexander holds a diploma as chairman for foundations and for the boardofdirectors and has a Master degree in jurisprudence from the Donau University Krems. At LCT GesmbH he is in charge for sales, strategy, marketing, international relations and contracting.
Josef Christandl, LCT
Josef Christandl
Co-founder, R&D
Josef Christandl is co-owner and manager of four stone quarries and a firm for structuralandcivilengineering with 160 employees. Josef is co-founder of LCT GesmbH. Especially his experience in constructionaboveandbelowground is very valuable for our R&D.
Mitgründer, Forschung und Entwicklung, Patentverfahren und Sicherheit LCT
DI Robert Hofer
Co-founder, R&D, patenting and safety
Dipl. Ing. robert Hofer is co-founder of LCT GesmbH and studied industrial engineering. He is an authorised expert for construction engineering, master builder and building project organiser. During his career he sucessfully conducted several international construction projects in Eastern Europe and Russia. Robert was the first of us, who realized the huge market potential of translucent concrete and made the first step towards founding LCT GesmbH. Today, he is in charge for R&D, patenting and safety.
Florence, Mitgründerin und CEO von LCT
Florence Korhonen
CEO and founder of Miraflo Ventures Ltd
Florence Korhonen is the CEO at Miraflo Ventures Ltd, an investment and global business services company in Finland, facilitating growth solutions for entrepreneurs with global ambitions. She is also currently active in construction business sector. Florence is the Chairman of Board at Nordic Female Business Angel Network (NFBAN) and a member of the Finnish Business Angel Network (FIBAN) and works with seed and early stage startups as an advisor and angel investor.
Alexander Krauser, LCT
Mag. Alexander Krauser
Mag. Alexander Krauser is serial entrepreneur with a strong technical background and worked for one of the top 3 global management consulting companies in over 40 countries in the field of business reorganization und process optimization. He was co-founder of the 1. Crowdfunding Platform in Austria and is amongst the first certified business angels in Austria. His "Business Innovation Model 4.0" covers all aspects of entrepreneurship.
Sandra Obendrauf, LCT
Sandra Obendrauf
Interface to the management, sales projects
Sandra Obendrauf works for more than 20 years as Executive Assistant for corporations in Switzerland and Austria. She is very experienced in supporting an executive board, travel- and eventmanagement and how to build up a sales team in Spain. At LCT GesmbH Sandra is the interface to our management and first person of contact for our sales projects.
Mag. Karin Scharf, Operations Management bei LCT
Mag. Karin Scharf
Operations Management
Mag. Karin Scharf worked for multinational corporations, SMBs and a start-up. During her career she focused on project management (national and international), sales reporting and controlling. Karin also built the backoffice for an international MLM-corporation. At LCT GesmbH she takes care oft he Operations Management.
Patrick Trenker, Mitarbeiter im Außendienst Österreich bei LCT
Patrick Trenker
Field service Austria
Patrick Trenker is a graduated carpenter and worked as teamlead for a manufacturing company. It is evident that Patrick has a non-bureaucratic, open and friendly personality because he works as a volunteer at the Austrian Red Cross since 2006. AT LCT he is the field staff for Austria.

Informácie o investovaní

645% financovaný
644 500 investované
598 investori
Gleisdorf, Austria

Profit participation: YES, depending on the operating profit (EBIT) of the company, but at least in the amount of a minimum interest rate of 4.5% (or 5.5% for investments until 30.05.2017)
Business value participation: YES, at maturity (whereas profit participation is factored into the calculated business value)
Minimum subscription: EUR 100,-
Subscription amounts of more than EUR 5.100, – (Please contact us for an investment)
Term of the contract: 5 years
Participation form: Subordinated loan

WARNING! The purchase of this asset entails considerable risks up to and including the total loss of the commited capital.

In the interest of risk spreading, the crowd-investor should only invest amounts he does not depend on or expect back in cash in the near future. The issuing company is also the provider of this investment product and solely responsibility for all information and contents on the website. The platform operator assumes no liability for the accuracy or currentness of the contents.

Benefit za vašu investíciu
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In addition to the current interest and a share in the company value growth, we would like to thank you for your investment with a Flecks Bier six pack gift.

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In addition to the current interest and a share in the company value growth, we would like to thank you for your investment with two Flecks Bier six packs.

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To say thank you for your investment, in addition to the current interest and a share in the company value growth, you will be given two Flecks Bier six packs and a guided tour through Flecks brewery.

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In addition to the current interest and a share in the company value growth, we would like to thank you for your investment with two Flecks Bier six packs, a guided tour through Flecks brewery and an invitation for 2 people to a race at the Pannonia Ring racetrack.

10 000 Investícia

In addition to the current interest and a share in the company value growth, we would like to thank you for your investment with two Flecks Bier six packs including a guided brewery tour, an invitation for 2 people to the Pannonia Ring racetrack and an annual invitation to the exclusive investor brunch at our headquarters with detailed information on our current projects.

(Any amount higher than EUR 5,100 can be subscribed via subscription form. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail at

Informácie o firme
6 Zamestnanci
2010 Založené

Typ účasti: Podružná pôžička
Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Hodnota spoločnosti pred rozdelením akcií: 12 500 000€
Maximálna suma investície: 5 000€
Názov firmy: LCT GesmbH (IČO: FN 344461k)

Kontaktné informácie

LCT GesmbH
Wünschendorf 230
8200 Gleisdorf

Telefon: +43 3112 22 6 44

Abbildung Lichtbeton LCT

LCT successfully ended crowdinvesting campaign

2. októbra 2017 by CONDA Crowdinvesting v LCT
LCT, the Austrian world market leader in translucent concrete, is ending its crowdinvesting campaign with a funding sum of EUR 655.700 from 604 investors. The team says thank you to everyone making concrete shine together with LCT! The final execution of the financing process with all formal steps will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Investors are […] Čítajte viac