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„The Opilomed is a prize-winning, patented world novelty, with which the harmful side effects of hair dyeing are a thing of the past. With our innovation, we are closing a market gap and opening crowds to a world market. “


Color is life, color is joy, color is creativity.

About half of all women in industrialized countries regularly dye their hair. At the same time, the awareness of and the desire for health and well-being in our society is growing ever more. Enlightened consumers are looking for ways to sustainably promote and protect their health. They question the potential dangers of the chemical processes of conventional hair dyeing, which were already warned of in 2011 by an EU directive.


These dangers are put to the test when the dye itself reaches the scalp directly. Health-conscious people are looking for alternatives to unpleasant symptoms such as itching, redness or burning on the scalp. All these are common side effects, which half of all coloring users suffer. Simply put – it goes too much under the skin, quite literally.

World news with yield potential for crowd investors
This is where the patented world novelty Opilomed comes into play. The well-known Upper Austrian hairdresser, Ronald Gruber, has more than 30 years of experience in his profession and, together with his competent and passionate team, developed a healthy alternative, which in 2014 was already recognized as the best business idea in his homeland.


Opilomed is the first patented protective comb with an integrated lifting and lowering mechanism. It is inserted openly into the hair and seals the scalp in the closed condition reliably. This ensures that no harmful substances get on the scalp while the hair is being dyed. Different protection comb shapes and their easy bendability allow the complete covering of each head shape.

Guaranteed healthy and without loss of quality
Opilomed is an innovative, healthy alternative, which does not loose quality over time. Special teeth of the opilizing combs ensure a funnel effect that reaches up to 0.5 mm to the scalp. Due to the cross-hair action of the hair of a further 0.2 mm, the result is a near-zero coloring of the skin. At the same time, the harmful substances contained in the paint do not come into contact with the scalp.


História firmy

„When you are fortunate enough to create a new product category, you also have to make sure to occupy the category name.“

Opilation is the term for the hairdressing industry, comes from the Latin and stands for „block/protect“. In 2011, an EU directive drew attention to the dangers of hair dyeing and established a labeling requirement for all dye products that they were not suitable for young people under 16 years of age. This was the inspiration for the experienced hairdresser, Ronald Gruber, to develop a healthy, head-protecting method that provides the same coloring results but prevents the penetration of foreign substances, allergens, and chemical additives into the lymphatic and blood channels.


From then on Gruber and his team worked on the product. This was followed by numerous tests, expert opinions and a JKU Linz expertise, which confirmed the suitability of the protective combs for skin compatibility and resistance to chemicals. Even during the test phase, numerous customers were very enthusiastic about Opilomed.


„The company was very well positioned right from the start. Costs of more than EUR 300,000, – were financed entirely from equity.“


At the same time as the Crowdinvesting campaign, the market launch starts. The patented world novelty Opilomed closes a market gap. The great chances for the company and the CONDA Crowd investors are facing increased capital requirements. The investments are to be used for a well-founded brand structure and a rapid market penetration. An international target market of around two million customers in the B2B area, as well as a market potential of up to 350 million euros annually speak for themselves. Take advantage of your investment!


Ronald Gruber
Founder and Managing Director Sales
An entrepreneur since 1988. Set-up of 6 hairdressing salons with around 40 employees. As a hairdresser, he is an absolute professional in the industry and knows what products the market needs. In 2016, he sold all his salons to be able to dedicate himself entirely to the Opilomed.
Peter Hanke
Member of management, strategy, and marketing
Originally a business economist, he conceived and led numerous software projects under the leadership of Daniel Mattes at Qubus AG. After completing his Master's degree in e-Business Management and a marketing diploma, he specialized in business development.
Teresa Paradiso
A trained hairdresser and a true Opilo-master. By the end of 2016, she hged her profession on the nail in order to be able to work in the future with high professional qualifications on the market introduction of Opilomed.
Manfred Haiberger
Advisory Board, Products, Shareholders
As managing director of HARATECH Plastic Engineering & Solutions, he and his team were originally responsible for the development, before he decided to strengthen the partnership through an investment.
Alexander Kubizek
Advisory Board, Marketing
Brand-building expert with many years of management experience at well-known winter sports and sailing brands. Meanwhile, as managing director of Brandzone Kreativagentur, he accompanies different companies in strategic brand positioning.
Gerhard Mühlberger
Advisory Board, sales, shareholders
As a former sales manager at WELLA, he knows the industry and the market like no other. He recognized the enormous potential of Opilomed before the start of development and invested in the founding year. He was already a great support for market research. Now he will have his knowledge and contacts integrated into the sales phase.
Thomas Kastenhofer
Advisory Board, Financing
Internationally active business angel with many years of experience in Europe and
in the USA. Since the beginning, he has supported Opilomed, especially in the areas of finance and sales.
David Schnabellehner
Marketing assistant, social media
Maria Pleischl

Informácie o investovaní

496% financovaný
248 200 investované
132 investori
Neuzeug, Austria

Business value participation: YES, at maturity
Base rate: 4,5% (5,5% on investments over EUR 5.000)
Minimum pledge amount: EUR 100
Maximum pledge amount: EUR 5.000 (higher amounts available on request)
Term of the contract: 10 years
Participation form: Subordinated loan

WARNING: The purchase of this asset is subject to considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

In the sense of spreading the risk, the only money which should be invested, is money that will not be required or expected to be liquid in the near future. The issuer and provider of this asset is solely responsible for all content and information on this site. The operator of this internet service platform accepts no liability for the correctness and relevance of its contents.

Benefit za vašu investíciu
500 Investícia

Our development partner, HARATECH Plastics Engineering and Solutions, is also one of the pioneers in Europe in 3D printing.

As a thank you for your investment of 500, - Euro we give you a 3D Bodyscan. In just a few seconds, you can have your 3D self-image on the phone and can combine it with different, creative background images and, of course, post and share it.

1 500 Investícia

As a thank you for your investment of a sum of 1,500, - Euro you get your own little "twin" as a high-quality 3D color print with a body size of 125mm.

3 000 Investícia

Investors with an amount of 3,000 Euro get a thank you in the form of the "little twins" – a larger issue 3D color print with a height of 175mm.

Also a voucher for "protected hair dyeing".

5 000 Investícia

For all those who are investing 5,000 Euro or more, we will raffle an additional "weekend for two" in the 4-star Superior Wellness and Thermenhotel Paradiso in Oberösterreich as a thank you in addition to the GOLD package.

Also, we invite every Platinum investor to an investor event.

10 000 Investícia

With an investment of at least € 10,000, you are entitled to the platinum package as well as the opportunity to participate annually in the investor brunch with all our partners and advisors. Exciting lectures and strategic discussions guaranteed!

(Amounts over EUR 5,000 can be subscribed by means of a subscription form. Please contact us if you are interested via e-mail to

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Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Hodnota spoločnosti pred rozdelením akcií: 2 500 000€
Maximálna suma investície: 5 000€

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