„We want to raise the high-value hemp plants trade to an unprecedented level of quality.“

plants4friends conda crowdinvesting

Cannabis cultivation with highly modern breeding systems

Our plants are cultivated on a high-end grow installation with an aeroponic system which almost corresponds to a clean room – without any chemical exposure to pesticides. With unprecedented possibilities in terms of quality and yield. That’s how we differentiate ourselves from the “cheap greenhouse bulk goods“. Cannabis breeding in greenhouses usually only works with the intensive use of pesticides. However, this is unsuitable for medical use.

Future-oriented, medical approach

Plants4friends has the latest know-how from the best and most advanced cannabis companies. Our role models are the highly profitable „Cannabis Dispensaries“ and „Clone Nurseries“ in the United States. These establishments are by no means comparable to the „Coffeeshops“ in Amsterdam. Dispensaries are seen as high-end suppliers for a demanding group of consumers and patients alike. Our partners in the US continually provide us with the latest trends and developments that we pass on to our customers on a daily basis. The work done by plants4friends contributes significantly to improve the image of cannabis in the field of therapeutic and medical use.

História firmy

Rapid growth in a potent business field

Since 2015, plants4friends GmbH has operated in the hemp and cannabis industry. Within the shortest possible time, we have established ourselves as the largest supplier of hemp plants, high-quality hemp products and professional accessories for hemp breeding in western Austria. Our product range includes hemp plants, hemp attachments, medical CBD oils, accessories for hemp plant cultivation (lighting and ventilation technology), high-quality hemp seeds as well as modern and sustainable hemp-growing systems.

With seriousness, the highest quality and a clear demarcation from the drug business, we have developed a rapidly growing customer base. Currently, we operate about 300 square meters of sales area and have a breeding hall as well as breeding rooms for hemp plants with a total of 500m2 in construction stage 1.

Since the founding of the project, more than € 300,000 of capital has been invested by the shareholders of the Ltd and its silent participants. Our operational team consists of an experienced manager and internationally trained hemp breeders, the so-called „Clone Nursery Team“.

Invest in a growing friendship

Our shop, as well as our hall for hemp planting is the first section of several development stages. In order to grow faster as a company and to invest even more in the further development of this business, we would like to take full advantage of our financial possibilities in the course of this crowdinvesting campaign.



plants4friends conda crowdinvesting
Ing. Roland Birner
Ing. Birner has been working independently in the construction industry for more than 20 years. His sales experience, as well as his knowledge of the successful development of the business sector derive from this period. With passion and devotion, he has been successfully working in the cannabis industry since 2015.
Thomas Kainbacher
Clone Nursery Manager
Fabian Salletmayer
Clone Nursery Assistant
Benjamin Krapf
Shop Manager
Tina Zander
Shop Assistant

Informácie o investovaní

591% financovaný
295 500 investované
319 investori
Salzburg, Österreich

Business value participation: YES, at maturity

Base rate: 4.5%

Minimum pledge amount: EUR 100

Maximum pledge amount: EUR 5,000 (higher amounts are available on request)

Term of the contract: 8 years

Participation form: Subordinated loan

WARNING: The purchase of this asset is subject to considerable risks and may lead to the complete loss of the assets invested.

In the sense of spreading the risk, the only money which should be invested, is money that will not be required or expected to be liquid in the near future. The issuer and provider of this asset is solely responsible for all content and information on this site. The operator of this internet service platform accepts no liability for the correctness and relevance of its contents.


Benefit za vašu investíciu
500 Investícia

As a thank-you, you get a plants4friends spice mixture, 1 piece of "Chill Out Steak"

1 000 Investícia

As a thank-you you will get a plants4friends spice mixture - 2 pieces, plants4friends spice mixture, variety: Chill Out Steak and Stoned Noodles

3 000 Investícia

As a thank-you you get a plants4friends spice mixture in an elegant wooden gift box, with 3 pieces of plants4friends spice mixes: Chill Out Steak, Stoned Noodles and Flash Mediteran

5 000 Investícia

As a thank you you get a plants4friends spice mixture in an elegant wooden gift box, with 6 pieces of plants4friends spice mixes including Chill Out Steak, Stoned Noodles, Flash Mediteran, Potato Grass, Tonca Locius and a random surprise spice

10 000 Investícia

As a thank-you, you will get the PLATINUM package and a personal company presentation directly on-site including a joint investor “Bratl-Essen”(meat dinner) in Salzburg

(Amounts over 5,000 EUR can be pledged by means of a subscription agreement. Please contact us if you are interested via our e-mail at investor@conda.at.)

Informácie o firme
5 Zamestnanci
2015 Založené

Typ účasti: Podružná pôžička
Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Hodnota spoločnosti pred rozdelením akcií: 800 000€
Maximálna suma investície: 5 000€
Názov firmy: plants4friends GmbH (IČO: FN 357718 g)

Kontaktné informácie

plants4friends GmbH
Ziegeleistraße 16
5020 Salzburg

+43 (0)660/ 88 66 779