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„With courage and passion, we have already succeeded in convincing the best business angels and investors – with
the experience and expertise of our team, we will be one of the leading technology companies in the country in the
coming years.“

Challenge: The Digital Revolution

The ever-faster technical development brought about by the digital revolution leaves even the most ambitious private user and the most successful entrepreneur to a state in which one loses overview of the current state of technology.

Topics such as the Internet of Things, virtual reality, cyber security, cloud solutions and enterprise data protection are a reality and must be taken into account when developing new products and processes.


But no matter where and how fast the digital revolution evolves – with techbold, you have a companion at your fingertips to implement your individual IT and computer projects. We are your partner on your way to a successful digital future. Our service portfolio ranges from networked home appliances, through all VR applications to the outsourcing of the entire IT infrastructure for companies.

História firmy

The idea behind techbold

Techbold was founded 1.5 years ago by Damian Izdebski and Fabian Zeeb with the following idea:

Democratization of IT services

Large companies have both human and financial resources to keep their IT infrastructure on a modern and secure footing. SMEs with fewer than 100 employees are, however, often faced with major challenges.

As a digital companion, our goal is to make IT services of the highest quality available to the target group of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Closure of the market gap after DiTech bankruptcy

After the bankruptcy of the computer dealer DiTech a big gap arose on the Austrian market. Techbold has set itself the task of closing a part of this market gap, especially in two areas:

  • Operation of a computer center for hardware repairs and upgrades
  • Development and assembly of individual computers for gaming, virtual reality, and other professional applications

Trading in standard hardware and devices with low margins is not a priority, but it is operated to a small extent in order to achieve corresponding purchasing volumes from suppliers for components and spare parts and thus to lower the purchasing prices.

Company structure


techbold´s achievements so far

  • Setting up a business center in Vienna
  • 500 m2 office space, designed for a team of about 40 employees
  • A 350 m2 service center for sales, repairs and the assembly of computer systems, designed for approx. 15 employees
  • Programming of an on-line shop and an online configurator for individual PC systems
  • Cumulative turnover of almost 5 million euros
  • 3,100 customers in the computer and service center
  • 60 customers in the business customer segment, 50 of them with ongoing IT maintenance contracts
  • Support for nearly 1,000 IT workstations and over 100 servers
  • Consulting, sales, and production of up to 100 individual high-end PCs per month
  • 30-strong team of IT experts and computer pioneers

With courage and passion, we have already succeeded in convincing the most successful Austrian business angels Hansi Hansmann, Michael Altrichter and Stefan Kalteis. With your support as our Crowdinvestor, we will be one of the country’s leading technology companies in the coming years.

c) / Anna Rauchenberger - Wien, Oesterreich, 02.07.2015 - techbold

Johann „Hansi“ Hansmann, Damian Izdebski, Stefan Kalteis, Michael Altrichter


Damian Izdebski
Founder and CEO
Damian is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the country. Between 1999 and 2014 he set new standards in computer trade with DiTech. During this time, the company generated sales of over EUR 1 billion with a team of 350 employees and produced more than 100,000 computers in Vienna. With over 250 million online sales, the IT expert is one of the pioneers of online retail in Austria.
Gerald Reitmayr
Gerald is one of the most successful and internationally respected managers from the electronics industry alongside Damian. As sales manager for the whole of Europe, he was responsible for over 30 billion euros in sales at Samsung and a sales team of more than 3,000 people in 17 countries.
Fabian Zeeb
Co-founder and CIO
This IT expert was an IT manager at DiTech between 2006 and 2014. He was responsible for
the design and implementation of the entire IT infrastructure and the development of all internal software systems.
Werner Dauschek
Werner is responsible for all advertising and communication activities of the techbold Group. Over the last 20 years, he has led several of the most successful marketing campaigns for various mobile phone companies. As a marketing manager at DiTech, he played a key role in establishing one of the best-known brands in electronics and online trading in Austria.
Stefan Kalteis
Investor, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Co-founder of "cashpresso", "payolution", "all about apps" and "". As an active investor involved in a very early stage at the startup "runtastic", among others. Still in "Wikifolio", "Tourradar", "BlaulichtSMS" and "Wikitude".
Johann "Hansi" Hansmann
This experienced manager and entrepreneur in the international pharmaceutical industry was voted Austrian Business Angel of the Year 2011-2014 and awarded the "Best European Early Stage Investor" by the European Business Angel Network in 2016. He is the most successful startup investor in Austria. His investments include "busuu", "whatchado", "reviewer", "renesim", "tractive", "anyline", "mysugr", "diagnosia", "kiweno" and more than 30 other companies. He also backed "Runtastic" and "shpock" in 2015 to spectacular exits.
Michael Altrichter
The founder of "paysafecard" and "payolution" is one of Austria's most active business angels and impact investors. His portfolio already includes more than 20 participations in various start-ups. He is one of the jurors at the Puls 4 startup show "2 minutes 2 million" and was elected as Business Angel of the Year in 2014.
Michael Krammer
Supervisory Board
Michael Krammer is one of the most successful managers in the European mobile communications industry. After more than a decade and a half, he founded mdcd3 GmbH and ventocom GmbH as CEO of companies such as tele.ring, E-Plus and One (later Orange).
In 2013, Michael Krammer took over the duties and responsibilities of long-term president Rudolf Edlinger and led the SK Rapid with his presidency and the employees towards new paths, which concern not only the new project - "Stadionneubau".

Informácie o investovaní

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Wien, Österreich

Business value participation: YES, at maturity

Base rate: 4.5%

Minimum pledge amount: EUR 100

Maximum pledge amount: EUR 5,000 (higher amounts available on request)

Term of the contract: 5 years

Participation form: Subordinated loan

The acquisition of this asset is subject to considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested. In the sense of spreading the risk, the only money which should be invested is money that will not be required or expected to be liquid in the near future. The issuer and provider of this asset is solely responsible for all content and information on this site. The operator of this internet service platform accepts no liability for the correctness and relevance of its contents.

Benefit za vašu investíciu
500 Investícia
Bronze Package

The techbold First Aid Bonus! We thank you for your investment in addition to the current interest rate and a participation in the company's value increase with a 50% discount on a smartphone display break repair in our techbold customer center.

1 000 Investícia
Silver Package

We thank for your investment in addition to the current interest rate and a participation in the company's value increase with a 10% discount voucher on a techbold high-end custom PC of your choice. Also, you get 50% discount on a display break repair.

3 000 Investícia
Gold package

Become part of techbold and get a 20% discount coupon on a techbold high-end custom PC of your choice in addition to the current interest rate and a stake in the company's value increase. Also, you get a free display break repair.

5 000 Investícia
Platinum package

We would like to thank our platinum investors in addition to the current interest rate and a participation in the company's value increase with a 25% discount voucher on a desired PC.
You will also become an exclusive VIP member of the techbold Investors Club. Also included are two free display break repairs for your smartphone!

10 000 Investícia
Bold Package

The bold. Package includes a free high-end gaming PC of the series bold.999 worth 999, - EUR as well as 3 free display break repairs for your smartphone in addition to the current interest rate and a participation in the company's value increase. You will also become an exclusive VIP member of the techbold Investors Club.

(Amounts over 5,000 EUR can be pledged by means of a subscription agreement. Please contact us for further information via email at

Informácie o firme
30 Zamestnanci
2015 Založené

Typ účasti: Podružná pôžička
Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Hodnota spoločnosti pred rozdelením akcií: 8 000 000€
Názov firmy: techbold technology group AG (IČO: FN 436735h)

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