“The Invoice Exchange is committed to improving the business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our trading platform is changing the established business practices in factoring and is raising transparency and liquidity in the market for B2B receivables.”

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What is the Invoice Exchange

It is a fully automated and secure B2B invoice bidding platform that solves the liquidity challenges of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and offers innovative opportunities to investors and large companies and corporations.

SMEs are often faced with the challenge of liquidity because their clients pay their invoices in 30 – 120 days. The Invoice Exchange offers a fully automated and anonymus secure bidding system that SMEs can use to sell their B2B invoices at best possible market prices. The Invoice Exchange takes care of all the settlement and administration processes and the funds are transferred to the SME’s account within 24 hrs after the successful sale of their invoice. The process is maximally automated without compromising the quality of our service for which we charge a small fee for the settlement and administration.

At the same time The Invoice Exchange offers a secure way for large companies and corporations to optimize their account payable to their suppliers and partners. Due to the financial model The Invoice Exchange also offers a very safe and lucrative investment for companies which are looking to purchase safe receivables on the market for the best possible price.

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História firmy

The idea to establish an organized marketplace for trading B2B receivables – an invoice exchange – was conceived by entrepreneurs Marko Rant and Tomi Šefman in 2011. After developing a pilot trading platform and testing it with prospective clients, the company attracted the attention of business angels Peter Ribarič and Janez Klobčar who in late 2014 invested 150.000 EUR of seed equity to kick-start the project. The company spent 2015 developing its core product – The Invoice Exchange trading platform – and launched services in Slovenia in November 2015.

By May 2016, The Invoice Exchange had over 190 registered clients – exchange members, and reached a total of 3.25 million EUR of receivables traded on the platform.


Marko Rant
CEO and co-founder
Co-founder and CEO of The Invoice Exchange, Marko got the original idea for an online receivables exchange when buying discounted receivables on a real estate project. Before founding The Invoice Exchange with Tomi Šefman, Marko worked in numerous managerial positions in real estate, corporate finance, investment banking and private equity. Marko holds a MSc in Real Estate Investment & Finance from Henley Business School in the UK.
Tomi Šefman
Procurator and co-founder
Co-founder of The Invoice Exchange, Tomi played a pivotal role in developing the pilot platform and promoting the initial trading on the exchange. He has previously headed Deloitte’s regional management consultancy practice, a Dutch internet bank, as well as numerous other finance and management engagements in the region. Tomi concluded his undergraduate studies at Wharton and got his MBA from INSEAD.
Gašper Rant
IT development
Gašper is responsible for IT development, security and maintenance of The Invoice Exchange trading platform. He has extensive knowledge and experience in developing and optimizing web applications, working with php, xhtml, css and javascript and is skilled in complex database management. Gašper is currently finishing his BSc in Business Informatics at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana.
Mateja Šefman
Marketing and client support
Mateja handles marketing and client support as well as customer service design for The Invoice Exchange trading platform. She has many years of experience working in marketing, public relations and client support, and has in the past also led the development of complex web-based projects. Mateja holds a BSc in English and German Translation from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana.
Peter Ribarič
Angel investor
Peter is a private investor with extensive experience in the areas of start-ups, seed financing and corporate governance. As an investor and entrepreneur, he funded and co-founded the companies HRM storitve (HR services) and Solvis (receivables collection) and has advised numerous other start-ups in their go-to-market and scaling phases.

In 2014, Peter Ribarič invested 35.000 EUR in seed equity to support the early development of The Invoice Exchange trading platform. Peter is also acting as the managing director of Silicon Gardens seed capital fund and until recently managed Poteza Innovation and Growth Fund (venture capital).
Janez Klobčar
Angel investor
Janez has made a career in banking and financial services and has held managerial positions with Societe General, Publikum securities brokerage house, Nova Banka and Moldova Agroind Bank. In 2004, he played a pivotal role in establishing one of the first private equity funds in the SEE region, Poteza Adriatic Fund, and later acted as the fund‘s lead manager.

Since 2008, Janez has been active as a private investor working in Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In 2014, Janez Klobčar invested in The Invoice Exchange together with Peter Ribarič, contributing 115.000 EUR in seed equity.

Informácie o investovaní

140% financovaný
69 800 investované
76 investori
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Favored investment volume: EUR 150.000,00
Minimum amount subscribed: EUR 100,00
Contract period: 5 years
Base interest rate: 4.5%

Appreciation interest rate: on maturity date

WARNHINWEIS: Der Erwerb dieser Vermögensanlage ist mit erheblichen Risiken verbunden und kann zum vollständigen Verlust des eingesetzten Vermögens führen.

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Personalized virtual shareholding certificate.

1 000 Investícia
Silver package

Personalized virtual shareholding certificate and free workshop – B2B trade receivables as an alternative source of funding for companies / alternative investment for financial investors

2 500 Investícia
Gold package

Personalized virtual shareholding certificate, free workshop – "B2B trade receivables as an alternative source of funding for companies / alternative investment for financial investors and 1-year free use of the Invoice Exchange"

5 000 Investícia
Platinum package

Personalized virtual shareholding certificate, free workshop for 2 persons– "B2B Trade receivables as an alternative source of funding for companies / alternative investment for financial investors AND 1-year free use of the Invoice Exchange" for 2 persons

Informácie o firme
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2011 Založené
0,00 Výnos (Mn. €)

Typ účasti: Podružná pôžička
Minimálna výška investície: 100€
Maximálna suma investície: 5 000€
Názov firmy: BORZA TERJATEV d.o.o. (IČO: 6016146000)

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